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Before the Bullet Hits the Body

Dismantling Predictive Policing in Los Angeles

The Before The Bullet Hits The Body report was originally drafted by the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition in Spring of 2018. The report paints a picture of how inherently flawed and racist predictive policing is, by design. It is also an instrument that expands the power of data-intensive surveillance on the part of law enforcement. Since then, the Coalition has dismantled some of the programs called out in this report. We hope that others can use this information and our success with those programs as tools, resources and roadmaps for the fights ahead.

Before the Bullet Hits the Body - Predictive policing is rooted in war


  1. Immediate ban on deployment and use of policing tactics and programs such as Predictive Policing;
  2. Immediate abolition of any and all current use of surveillance technology and programs;
  3. Total prohibition on the acquisition of any new surveillance technology or development of surveillance programs;
  4. Full disclosure on the use of surveillance technology and policing programs since their inception including informing individuals and organizations who have been targeted;
  5. Full reparations for individuals and organizations whose human rights have been violated;
  6. Immediately cease all funding for surveillance programs and divert those resources to invest in the health and wellbeing of our communities. We urgently need more investments in public housing, education, health centers, youth development programs, healthy food, and steady employment–factors that promote real public safety

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