The Stalker State

The Stalker State is the information gathering, storing, and sharing environment we are all immersed in. This is an ever-changing, ever-evolving web of agencies and organizations that embody a toxic culture of data collection with the intent to police us and cause harm. It doesn’t only watch us to invade privacy, it watches to criminalize […]

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The LAPD Architecture of Surveillance

Large amounts of information gathering by police departments is done through electronic surveillance equipment. This includes facial recognition, Stingrays, automatic license plate readers (ALPR), TrapWire, high definition cameras, body cameras, drones, CCTV, social media surveillance, and much more. Information collected by these surveillance tools criminalize a person’s daily lived experience. These programs inflict grave harm […]

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Before the Bullet Hits the Body

Dismantling Predictive Policing in Los Angeles The Before The Bullet Hits The Body report was originally drafted by the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition in Spring of 2018. The report paints a picture of how inherently flawed and racist predictive policing is, by design. It is also an instrument that expands the power of data-intensive surveillance […]

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